Need Chicago dental implants?

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, getting Chicago dental implants at the hands of the top-rated prosthodontist Dr. Daniel Domagala is an option you just can’t forgo. The expertise and skill that Dr. Domagala employs while placing each implant is reflected on how many lives he’s changed by restoring people’s teeth and smiles! Chicago dental implants can be thought of as small screws used to replace the roots of teeth, which are placed directly into the jaw bone. A portion of the implant remains above the gum and can support a dental prosthesis such as a crown or bridge. Dr. Domagala has specialized in Prosthodontics, making him the ideal dentist to place Chicago dental implants and restore your youthful smile.
Dental Implants Restoration Chicago Illinois
A dental implant has the unique ability to fuse with your natural bone. The titanium from which it is made attracts bone forming cells, so after Dr. Domagala places your implant through a minimally invasive surgical technique, the implant will begin to integrate with your jaw bone. This is called ‘osseo-integration’ and is the key to success of your implant, which will last for life. The implant will look, feel and function just like your natural tooth and you couldn’t be happier with the result! After the implant has healed and adequately fused with your bone, it is strong enough to support a crown or a bridge, restoring the natural bite, esthetics and functionality of your teeth. Dr. Domagala has made it his goal to ensure that each of his patients leaves his dental clinic with an absolutely functional bite and esthetically pleasing smile. Visit Major Dental Clinics of Chicago today to have your free consultation with Dr. Daniel Domagala about your Chicago dental implants!