Complete Dentures

A complete denture is a restoration method used to restore the smile and function of your mouth when all of the teeth in an arch have been lost or need to be pulled due to decay or disease. This custom denture is removable and may require adjustments over time to ensure proper fit.

Complete Dentures from Major Dental Clinics

When is a complete denture the right choice for me?

A complete denture is a good option for a patient who does not want to undergo surgery and is missing all of their upper or lower teeth. This type of denture does move and should be replaced every 5 years. Since a complete denture is not fixed, at-home care is extremely important in keeping food from getting stuck underneath it.

What are alternative options for complete dentures?

The most common alternatives are All-on-4’s or implant dentures. Both of these are more permanent options that restore the overall function of your mouth. If you are missing most or all of your upper or lower teeth, schedule a complimentary consultation to see which is the best option for you.