Orthodontist In Milwaukee

Orthodontist in Milwaukee

Looking for an alternative to metal braces? Clear Orthodontics provides patients with comfortable, metal free braces that are made of a clear plastic polymer. Our Orthodontist in Milwaukee and Chicago clinics utilizes Clear Orthodontics to straighten teeth with a series of clear, removable trays. These trays are updated about every 2 weeks until the teeth are in their optimal location. Clear Orthodontics are typically used for patients with mild to moderate crowding or spacing issues. For patients with more severe crowding or spacing, more advanced orthodontic treatment may be required.
Orthodontics Milwaukee Wisconsin
Due to the fact that that Clear Orthodontics are removable, they are easy to clean and maintain. The trays can be removed for brushing, flossing, or eating. Their design allows patients to undergo orthodontic treatment without the usual discomfort that comes with traditional braces.