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Don’t let a missing tooth affect your confidence! Call us! We’ll help you restore your smile without pain and without the trauma of surgery. Major Dental Clinic offers dental implants in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. We specialize in esthetic, implant and reconstructive dentistry. Our team of cosmetic dentists in Milwaukee has several decades of experience between them. Dental implants are ideal for patients who have lost one or more than one teeth. They’re as strong as your natural teeth and made from strong titanium. Some of the obvious advantages of dental implants over other
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options include:
• Easy to maintain: Just brush and floss every day. With proper maintenance, good oral hygiene, regular cleanup, and dental check-ups, implants last very long- almost a lifetime.
• Improves speech: You don’t have to worry about improperly aligned teeth, or gaps between the teeth when you smile.
• Looks natural: When done properly, dental implants look just like your natural teeth. You are allowed to eat anything you like and go about with life. The entire process takes less than a few hours- the patient can leave home on the same day.
Our doctors are certified by Board Certified with plenty of experience in cosmetic dentistry and are specialized in offering same day cerec crowns and Teeth Whitening. The clinic is clean, hygienic, and modern.