Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures and dentures are inserted into a patient’s mouth immediately after removing their teeth. With your new teeth, you can immediately begin eating and speaking. During the bone grafting process, we often create dentures for you. In these cases, they provide esthetics and function during the healing period.

Immediate Dentures at Major Dental Clincis

What you need to know about Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are chosen by patients who are unwilling or unable to receive oral implants and provide a good solution to avoid going without a prosthesis following dental extractions. For most patients, esthetic and psychosocial concerns necessitate the fabrication of immediate prosthetic solutions rather than waiting for healing in a toothless state. 

The advantage of immediate dentures is that you can walk away with a full smile the same day, immediately following the removal of natural teeth. However, because immediate are inserted right after your dental surgery, the gums and jaw will change shape as they heal so it may be necessary to have immediate dentures adjusted. 

Immediate Dentures vs. Regular Dentures

The benefit of immediate dentures is the convenience of removable teeth on the same day of the extraction procedure. However, they may need frequent adjustments while your gums and bone are healing. One or two relines are also necessary to better adapt the immediate denture to the healing tissues. After 6-9 months of complete healing, we will fabricate a new denture when the tissue changes stabilize. The fit can be improved by a laboratory reline or refitting with a denture material if a patient is satisfied with the appearance. This will prevent the need for a new denture.

A regular denture is made after gum healing is complete so it is a definitive denture that doesn’t need to be relined or remade within a short period of time. It may also need fewer adjustments as they are made from molds created after the healed extraction sites. For some people, having an instant perfect smile is vital, while others prefer the traditional method for cost or permanency. Our Prosthodontists will discuss the procedures to help you choose the right treatment for you.

Possible Challenges

A possible compromise with immediate dentures is the inability to try in the prosthesis before its final fabrication, due to the presence of the remaining teeth scheduled for extraction. Hence, the funeral and the esthetic outcome may be unpredictable when compared to complete denture fabrication with its protocol advantage of a trial insertion. 

Patient Case

Implant Partials and fixed dentures at major dental clinics


Implant Partials and fixed dentures at major dental clinics


Immediate Dentures and fixed dentures at Major dental Clinics of Milwaukee


Immediate Dentures and fixed dentures at Major Dental Clinics in Chicago