Same Day Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw similar to that used by orthopedic surgeons. The fixture is allowed to stay under the gum for approximately 4 to 6 months which facilitates bone to implant bonding. The process of bone covering the implant surface, called “osseointegration”, makes the screw solid enough for us to use it as tooth. The key element of osseointegration is the fact that the fixture must not move within the bone in order to allow for bone to implant bonding. Once healing process is complete, a permanent porcelain crown can be fitted.

Studies show that over 40 million Americans have lost some or all their teeth. Patients with missing teeth often complain about their poor quality removable denture. If you are missing one, multiple, or all your teeth, you can permanently improve your appearance, comfort, and quality of life with the help of dental implants.

Dental Implants Milwaukee Wisconsin

In most cases, a failing tooth can be replaced with an immediate implant. The tooth will be eased out of the bone and an implant placed in the same spot without the need for any incisions in the gums as with the normal implant procedure.

In complete denture wearers, we can stabilize and attach your dentures using implants with clips. This is a particularly good solution for those who are unhappy with their loose denture.

The new dental technology emergence and the advancements in dental implant and dentistry have helped a lot to reduce the cost of tooth replacement.

We provide top quality dental implants at affordable rates.

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Dental Implants

In Dental implant surgical treatment, a dental implant is put in the bone listed below the periodontal cells. The dental implant, as well as bone, are then enabled to recover. As soon as healed, a personalized bridge or crown is developed to match your existing teeth. The custom-made crown or bridge is sealed onto your new implant, and also can be looked after similarly as the rest of your teeth. Our economical oral implants can accommodate a single missing out on tooth or several missing out on teeth. At MajorDentalClinics, we go the extra mile to make sure client convenience. We understand that your convenience, as well as the capability to trust your dental expert, are important to effective implant treatment. Our caring dental experts think all patients must have accessibility to a healthy smile as well as give the most recent methods at an inexpensive price.

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