All-on-4 Immediate Implants

All-on-4® Immediate Implants

The All-on-4® Immediate Implant Procedure has revolutionized implants in dentistry over the past few years. It permits the replacement of an entire arch of teeth using 4 anchor implant fixtures. All-on-4® Immediate Implants are a minimally invasive and a cost effective treatment available for patients with all missing or heavily compromised teeth, or patients who have dentures. In addition, teeth can be replaced with implants on the same day.

If you have experienced any of the following symptoms, you may be a candidate for All-on-4® Immediate Implants:

  • Missing more than 6 teeth in one arch
  • Teeth are worn, broken, chipped, or cracked
  • You have a collapsed bite
  • Terminal gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • History of acid reflux disease
  • History of congenitally missing teeth
  • History of trauma
  • Looking to restore full function and aesthetics of teeth
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Before the All-on-4 Immediate Implants® were available, patients would be subjected to one year of preparation before teeth could be replaced with implants. The process would begin by extracting all the teeth. During the six month healing process, the patients would wear dentures. Once the gums healed, the patients would most likely need to do a bone graft, which would then take another 6 months to heal. After about a year of preparing, the implants could finally be placed. Conventional implants would then sit under the gums and dentures for 6 months before they could be utilized.

Before 3D CAT scans were available, dentists had to attempt to recreate bone, graft more often, and do more invasive procedures due to the lack of information from dental imaging. Now, 3D CAT scans allow dentists to search for existing bone and place the implants accordingly. This process helps save the patient costs by reducing the number and length of procedures required to prepare the implant sites.

Although implants have been around since the 1960’s, the idea of “same-day” implants is truly revolutionary. The entire process, from extraction to implant placement to fixed teeth, is possible in just one day. In order to perform the Immediate Implant Procedure, the dental office needs to be specially prepared. Everything from the arrangement of the clinic to an on-site implant team is necessary to preform high quality Immediate Implants. We have also found that placing the implants immediately can improve the outcomes of the procedure. Patients are safe to start a normal diet in just 6 weeks after the implants are placed. Our understanding of implants has changed significantly over time, and we are proud to be on the cutting edge of dental treatment and technology.

What is it? How is it different?

The philosophy behind the All-on-4® Immediate Implants is similar to other implant procedures, like hip replacements. Modern-day hip replacements are preformed entirely in one day, and it is even recommend that patients start assisted walking and exercises as soon as they can. This has been found to help the healing process and overall health of the patient. A similar idea has been applied to the All-on-4® Immediate Implant Procedure. In a single visit, the patient can get their teeth extracted, their implants placed, and walk out with a prototype bridge that can be used like their normal teeth. On the contrary, conventional implant protocols would require about a year of preparation before the implants could be placed.

Apart from the tremendous time commitment of conventional implant procedures, it was once believed that placing more than 6 implants was the ideal way to ensure long-term success. Since then, we have discovered that 4 implants are just as effective at holding the load. Instead of placing the implants parallel to each other, we place them at steep angles. This helps the implants distribute the load better than conventional methods, while also proving to be less invasive, and saving costs for the patient.

Do all dental offices offer this service?

The concept of implants is not new for the field of dentistry. However, preforming the entire procedure in one day is a significant advancement, and it requires specialty training for professional results. The nature of dental specialists is that they tend to work independently. This can make complex dental procedures difficult on patients, as they may need to visit multiple locations with a variety of dentists. At Major Dental Clinics, we have designed our practice to provide patients with all of their implant needs in just one place. We have a team of implant specialists consisting of oral surgeons, prosthodontists, and lab technicians who work together on every case. Our clinic is designed with a separate surgical suite. Having a separate surgical room is known to improve the prognosis of surgeries. We also have an in-house lab, which helps save the patient time and money. The extensive attention to detail allows us to offer our patients the complete implant experience, in one convenient location.

Patient Safety through Technology

In order to provide cutting edge dental treatment, it is necessary for our specialists to have access to the most advanced dental technology. The state-of-the-art facility at Major Dental Clinics utilizes advanced computerized technology to create 3D models of the surgical site. A template can be designed from the 3D model that will ensure ideal placement of the implants. This allows our dentists to place the implants with minimal invasiveness and unprecedented accuracy. The precision of the dentist translates to comfort for the patient by minimizing the need for anesthetics, decreasing the time required to place the implants, improving recovery time, and ensuring the stability of the implants.

What are the materials?

The All-on-4® Immediate Implant is made from multiple components. The implants fixtures are made from titanium, which is designed to replace the root portion of the tooth. Titanium has unique biocompatible properties that allow bone to attach to its surface. When it comes to something as important as placing an implant, the quality of materials used is of the utmost importance. Major Dental Clinics holds a proud “diamond partner” status with Nobel Biocare, the manufacturer of the NobelActive implant and a world leader in dental materials.


Not all dental offices are designed to treat implant cases from start to finish. It requires a specifically designed clinic, as well as a hand-picked team of specialists. If you find yourself hiding your smile in public or if you find conventional dentures unsightly or inconvenient, the All-on-4® Immediate Implant Procedure may be right for you. With extremely high success rates, the All-on-4® Immediate Implant Procedure can help you feel confident that you have a beautiful, durable, and healthy smile.

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