Same Day Dental Implants

Same Day Dental Implants, also known as Immediate Implants, offer patients the comfort of having a fixed teeth immediately after the implant placement. Major Dental Clinics proud to reveal that 75% of the front and side teeth implant replacements are performed using the immediate protocol.

What is an Immediate Implant?
In certain situations, it is possible to insert the implant at the same time as the extraction of the tooth. Specialists at Major Dental Clinics simply take advantage of the patient’s anatomy (existing root socket and undamaged gum), often replacing a failed tooth without a single incision. Once the tooth is elevated out of the socket, the socket is carefully cleaned of debris and infection so the implant can be placed into the same hole.

Most of the time, bone mineral graft is used to fill residual space around the implant (click here to learn more about bone grafts). If implant stability can be achieved during surgical placement, our team of specialists will determine if an Immediate Tooth Restoration can be attached to it. Major Dental Clinics uses uniquely designed Nobel Biocare Active dental implants, hence the success rates and patient’s satisfaction is kept high at 99%.

Immediate Implant Scenario

Who is a good Candidate for Immediate Implant?

You are missing Upper or Lower front tooth (incisors or canines)

You are missing Upper Side teeth (premolars)

You are missing Multiple Teeth in a row

There is No Active Infection around the tooth that needs to be replaced

There is Minimal or No Bone Loss at the future implant site

You want to improve your mouth’s Function and Speech

You cannot or Will Not Wear Removable Dentures

Important to Know: Molar teeth have multiple roots and unfavorable anatomy for immediate tooth replacement. Higher failure rates and complications are observed in immediate molar replacement with dental implants.
We recommend that you get our second opinion!!!

Traditional vs. Immediate Implants
Before the Immediate Implant procedure, patients had to wear removable dentures or flippers for months before being fitted with implant teeth. The most important benefit of an immediate implant tooth is being able to maintain gum tissue shape and volume. It is expected that traditional extraction of the tooth and implant procedure (non-immediate) will result in loss of gum tissue making an implant tooth longer and more square than the original tooth. In addition, removable dentures or flippers tend to be significantly less comfortable than Immediate Implant teeth. Some of the advantages of having a new set of fixed teeth include the freedom to speak, eat, and look great during the healing process. Major Dental Clinics team of specialists and technicians strive to ensure that patients receive the most comfortable / non-removable temporary teeth.


The cost of immediate implant is not significantly more than the delayed implant considering convenience of immediate function and esthetics. It is our estimate that immediate restoration adds 10-20% of the traditional implant cost.